Christina is a British-born video artist and media scholar currently finishing her PhD in the Film and Digital Media department at UC Santa Cruz. She is the current Managing Editor of the journal Feminist Media Histories. Christina has exhibited in Europe and across the US and has delivered papers at international media studies conferences, publishing her work in the online journal “Media Fields”, in “Living Room Light Exchange, Publication One” and in volume three of “Civic TV”, an annual VHS publication by Colpa Press, based in San Francisco.

PhD, Film & Digital Media, University of California, Santa Cruz.
MFA, San Francisco Art Institute.
BA, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK.

Exhibitions & Experience
Extended Cinemas, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.
Interpretation/Clarification, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH.

New York Art Book Fair at MOMA PS1, New York, NY.
San Francisco Art Book Fair at Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco, CA.

Follies of the Digital Arcade Solo show at Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA.
Wormhole Pirates, Proteus Gowanus Gallery, NYC.

PDX Gallery, Portland, OR.
Optic Nerve XIII, Moca North Miami, FL.
On the Nature of Fire, Nature is Culture Gallery, Arcata, CA.

Emerging Video, Big Screen Project, New York City.
The Velveteen Order, Johansson Projects, Oakland.
Moves’10: International Festival of Movement on Screen, The Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK.

Heart of a Dog, Adobe Books window space, San Francisco.
Prospectives ‘09, Speaker at symposium held at University of Nevada, Reno.
Introductions ‘09, Root Division, San Francisco, USA.
New Short Film, Evergold Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
Free Form Film Festival, ATA, San Francisco, USA.

Guest in Show, Solo show, Fridge Gallery, South Side Studios, Glasgow.

The Sprezzatura Maze, Co-curator & exhibitor, +44141 Gallery, Glasgow

The First Cast, Group Exhibition, The Fridge Gallery, Glasgow, UK
Hard Copy, Group Exhibition, Morpho Gallery, Chicago, USA
Monstrous Tales, Group Exhibition, APT Gallery, London

Artificial Life, The Theatre of Restless Automata, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, UK
The Last Chicken in Sainburys, Part of Glasgow International, Dennistoun, Glasgow.

Work in Collections
The Whitney Museum


Artist Projects and Online Scholarship
A Brief History of Computers, Artists book printed by Colpa Press, San Francisco.
Petticoat Nation, (video) Civic TV, vol.3, Colpa Press.
“Make Your Own Magic Lantern Slides,” Living Room Light Exchange Publication One, May.
“Flexible by Nature: Video and the Cultural Production of Concrete Fact,” Media Fields
Journal: Critical Explorations in Media and Space 3, Santa Barbara, CA : University of
California, Santa Barbara, Dept. of Film and Media Studies.

Conferences & Artist Talks
2019 Artist Talk, Living Room Light Exchange, Art and Technology Salon, January.

Artist Talk, Little Paper Planes Residency, Minnesota Street Project Studios, San Francisco, July. “The Peep Box’s Expanded View as Virtual Reality.” Domitor, The International Society
for the Study of Early Cinema conference. Rochester NY.
“Technological Anachronism and Craft as Media Historiography.” Society of Cinema and
Media Studies conference, Toronto, Canada.

“Home is Where Tomorrow Is: The Pony Express, Technology and the Maintenance of
American Modernity.” Film and History conference, Milwaukee.

“Instant Messenger: The Pony Express, Media, and Infrastructures of American
Modernity.” &Media…, Graduate Student Conference, UC Berkeley.
2nd World Wide West conference, Point Arena, California
“Instant Messenger: The Pony Express, Media, and Modern Virtuality Before the Age of
the Internet.” What is Media? Conference at University of Oregon, Portland

“Immersion and the Historical Encounter: Authenticity, Fictionality and History ‘In Your
Face.’” Stretching the Screen, Graduate Student Conference, San Francisco State University.

Artists Talk. Prospectives ’09: Digital Arts Festival, University of Nevada, Reno.

Nominated, SFMOMA SECA award.
Dewar Arts Award
Glasgow Visual Artists Grant Scheme.
Glasgow School of Art Extended Essay Prize in Historical and Critical Studies.
Glasgow British Airways Student Travel Award.

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