My research-based work pushes against the historical amnesia that often accompanies the fetishization of new technologies. The projects I research both present and complicate histories of media and technology, building on recognizable aspects or qualities of our current technological moment, such as instant messaging or automated speaking devices. However, I focus on technologies of the past - sometimes so old they appear unrecognizable to us. My goal is to defamiliarize the devices, technologies or systems that have become ubiquitous, and by so doing, create space for critical thought about the technologies we rely on every day, and the systems that make those technologies necessary or attractive.

I am especially interested in how new technologies become fetishized in popular culture. I draw from pop culture sources to understand how devices and systems are made understandable and desirable to the public through dramatization and iconography. Being critical and aware of this process is important because the stories and images associated with technologies ultimately construct the meaning and value of those technologies (for better or worse according to who is writing the story) for individuals and for society.


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