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The Body Electric (2012)


Starring Ashley Harris, Stephen Shearer & Tucker Bennett 

The Body Electric is a two channel video projection.

The public’s enchantment with electricity had already lasted for many years and was viewed as a mysterious and magical, if cursed phenomena. Towards the end of the 19th century, those scientists who were advancing quickly in the field of popular electrical consumption (such as Edison and Tesla) were viewed not so much as businessmen but more as wizards and showmen. The language they used during their displays incorporated not only scientific fact but also Barnum-esque myth, creating a common view of electricity as an enchanting, powerful and supernatural force that was enabled by the enigmatic ether.
Initially, this odd etheric ocean was held as a force never intended to be understood, let alone handled by human faculties and later, with the introduction of radio, more myths appears surrounding the use of such technology as a means to access worlds beyond our own, whether alien or spirit.
The video is accompanied by a series of newspaper-style sensational illustrations that supposedly documents paranormal events caused by electrical forces…